Omaha World Herald 10/29/13: Bacon plant’s new owner may add jobs

Press Release:

10/29/2013 - Monogram Foods Acquires Shelby County Cookers
Memphis, TN (October 29, 2013) Memphis-based Monogram Foods Solutions, LLC has purchased from Westin, Inc. of Omaha, NE the assets of Shelby County Cookers (SCC) of Harlan, IA, a manufacturer of ready-to-eat bacon products for food service and retail customers. Monogram assumed control of Shelby County Cookers on October 26, 2013, giving Monogram an entry into the ready-to-eat bacon category under its newly formed Monogram Prepared Meats division. Monogram Foods is a national leader in the manufacturing of licensed, co-packed, private label, and company-owned brands of meat snacks and other meat offerings. Read More.